Here is a lovely article with 10 reasons you should own a pet!

Most interesting: “Researchers at the University of Leicester found that children between birth and age six years in pet-owning families will have better social skills, better speech, better co-ordination, more confidence and will be less likely to suffer from allergies.”

I find that fascinating! When you think about it, it’s not all that surprising, but what a wonderful reason to welcome a pet into your lives: it will be mentally, socially, and physically beneficial for your little one! I’d definitely love to read more about their findings.

In other news, I’m way behind on updates. This is a super busy week for me, full of exams and homework, etc. I plan on catching up this weekend. 🙂


2 responses to “Pets!

  1. Pets are awesome!!! I have two rats and a snake! The snake sucks, but the rats are the best little things ever. Seriously. Rats. Awesome.

    • Where I’m living at the moment, we have one cat. His name is Davis, and he is bizarre, but I do like having him around.
      My cat is currently living with my parents, so at the moment they have three cats, one dog, and a snake! I love the snake; she’s very sweet. Why don’t you yours? I’m glad you like your rats so much!
      I just love having animals around; life wouldn’t be as wonderful without them.

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