Failed Adventure to the Mogollon Rim (9.25.10)

So, this weekend we had gathered the troops with every intent of heading to the Mogollon Rim, and exploring some trails so that we could actually stand on the rim. So, Michael, Sean, Anthony and I headed up North so see some delightful sights. Unfortunately, these plans were thwarted when my car decided to be a whiny baby, and the radiator almost overheated. I pulled off to the side of the road before the thermostat hit the red. Either way, it meant that the adventure would not proceed as planned. We hung out by the side of the road for a while so I could wait for the engine to cool off before loading the radiator with more coolant, and then we headed into Payson. We ended up going to a watering hole that Michael knew about, so we were at least able to make good use of the time we had spent driving. So, this is a day for the failed adventure books, but it’s definitely one we’ll try again… without my car.

The spot where Michael lead us to was beautiful, quiet and calm.

… and the waters were extremely muddy for some reason… which didn’t stop Michael from going swimming in them.

I had fun taking pictures of dragonflies

Michael basking in the sun

A dead crawdad that Anthony found. 🙂


Despite the setback of my car being a whiny jerk, we enjoyed yet another fun day.



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