How I long to be back…

on the road.

I’m reading interesting and inspiring articles about traveling and working in different countries, and if we’re being honest, I am a bit sad that I’m not still living that vagabond life, with my backpack as my nearest and dearest. Being an ESL teacher in Southeast Asia? Yes please. Working the vineyards in New Zealand? Yes please.

Sigh sigh. I have to remember that life isn’t always full of instant gratification, but if I work hard and save my pennies, I can get myself exactly where I want to be.

Life at home is still full of adventures and fun, but I’ve been slacking on this here blog, and I’ve got plenty of things to write about.

Updates will come soon; finals are imminent, and their completion will be accompanied by more time… perfect for writing! 🙂


2 responses to “How I long to be back…

  1. Maybe next time, we’ll meet somewhere, one the road.

    I miss you! It’s been hectic (I’ll reply soon, I promise) for now, everyone says hi.

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