The vagabond traveler

“Being a successful vagabond traveler requires one to understand that the fundamental metaphysical axiom of our “civilized” culture is an illusion and is absurd.

A vagabond traveler realizes that naught but frustration, anxiety and suffering can come from blindly applying oneself to the futile task of endless consumption.”

“At what point when you have amassed X amount of personal fortune, accumulated Y amount of material possessions, and achieved Z status as ‘an upstanding member of society’ do you shout “Enough!” and commence living a life of contentment?

Looking around our society, it seems that hardly anyone has reached this point.

This is the defining characteristic of the conventional mind in our society – never satisfied in the present, never content with what is, always grasping for something more.”

“The vagabond traveler embodies the realization that there is no place other than here, and there is no time other than now. So if one is going to enjoy one’s life, it has to be done in the here-and-now.

If one is incapable of enjoying life in the present then one is incapable of enjoyment, period, because the present is the only time there is and “future enjoyment” does not exist.”

I may not be the best example of one who is free from the binds of consumption, but I’d like to think that I’m improving. I’m trying to free myself from the desire for things, and it’s working… except for the yen for a sweet DSLR camera that haunts me. My justification here is that I really would love a DSLR in order to best creatively capture my itinerant and intrepid pursuits. Since getting home, I’ve found myself less intent on buying clothing, or books, or movies. The library is a wonderful thing!

Quotes taken from here.


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