Halloween/ Of Montreal (10.29.10-10.31.10)

Halloween weekend was a lot of fun; for my costume, I was the Fantastic Mr. Fox. I was rather pleased with how my costume, especially my mask, turned out.

On Friday night, I went out with Ash and Alexa, and we hit up a few parties. The first was terrible, so we didn’t stay for long. The second was pretty great; there were quite a few people that we knew, and an excellent DJ. There was dancing. We then left and went to a third party where we met up with Rachel, one of my very best friends, her boyfriend Eric, and a group of her friends. We knew some of the hosts of this party, so it was an especially good time.

On Saturday, I went with Michael and his roommates to a party at his parents’ house, which was a wonderful time. Sean joined us, so it was, of course, delightful. We later went to a party in Tempe, hosted by some friends, and there were lots of friendly types who I enjoy very much. It was another excellent night.

On Sunday, I went down to Tucson with Schuyler, and his friend Emily to attend the Of Montreal show. Brian Kelly and his lady, Kelsey, had also gone, so we met up with them once we got there, ate some food, and got into full costume dress. Schuyler was dressed as a Day of the Dead skull, so I did his makeup, and we were both extremely pleased with the results.

The show was amazing, and Kevin Barnes, the singer of Of Montreal, is an insane genius. The show was an absolute spectacle, holding my attention the whole time. The music was superb, and the overall performance was a work of art.

The weekend’s festivities left me exhausted and happy… and lucky for me, my Monday classes had been canceled, so I was able to sleep in the next day. 🙂

Michael, me, and Sean; Sean is a chauvinist pig.

Mr Fox, and the boys; they were dressed at the Beastie Boys in the ‘Sabotage’ video.

Schuyler’s makeup! I think it turned out quite well. 🙂

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