Hot Air Balloon Ride (11.7.10)

On the first Sunday of November, Michael and I went on a hot air balloon ride! We were joined by his sister, Nikki, and her boyfriend, Ray. It was an insanely good time, and something I’ve wanted to do for ages… one to cross off the bucket list.

We were driven out to the launch point, which changes each day depending on the flying conditions. The flight ended up being close to an hour and a half in length; we landed as the sun was setting. As we were flying, our retrieval van was chasing us in order to meet us at our landing point. After landing, the van pulled up, and a couple of employees unloaded some picnic tables, and began loading up the balloon. We had a champagne toast then sat down and had some hor d’oeuvres before we were driven back to our cars.

It was a breathtaking experience; everything about it was thoroughly enjoyable. 🙂 Now, let me barrage you with photos.


Nikki, Ray, Michael, and me (right to left)

This was the van that was chasing us. 🙂

Cute, cute, cute. ❤

Nikki and Ray. 🙂


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