Mitchell Canyon (10.23.10)

So, on this weekend we were supposed to go to Two Guns, a ghost town we’d briefly visited on our way back from New Mexico (a trip that we took a couple weeks before that I have yet to write about). However, Sean was unable to go, and instead of doing nothing, Ash Ponders declared that he, Michael and I would embark on a back up adventure and go to Mitchell Canyon, which is a bit outside of Florence, AZ.

We were trying to find some buildings… another ghost town, really, but we never found them. We walked through pretty canyons a lot, and the boys went rock climbing on a very precarious, near vertical cliff face. Then we tried to drive the car further, and got a flat tire. 😦 We fixed the flat and hung out for a while longer before deciding that it would be wise to head back, as we’d have to drive carefully on the spare. To ensure that the spare did not also get a flat, on the way out of the canyon, Ash and I rode on the side of the car so that we could watch for large rocks that might need clearing from the road to keep the tire safe. It was very silly.

Despite the flat tire, it was a good day.

😦 😦



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