State Fair (10.17.10)

So, back in October, Michael, Sean, Ash and I went to the State Fair! Admission was free before noon on Sunday, so off we went. Ash and Michael were the only ones to ride any of the rides… they went on the giant slide. Does that count as a ride?? Either way, there are pictures below.

The real draw of the State Fair is all of the artery blocking fair food. Between us, we consumed fries smothered in fake cheese, grilled corn, a deep fried brownie, and some deep fried oreo cookies, a chocolate covered habanero pepper, and other things I’m sure I’m forgetting. The real kicker was that Sean and I each ate CHOCOLATE COVERED SCORPION. There’s a picture below of the scorpion, but no pictures of them being eaten, which is kind of a bummer. Oh well! I found that they tasted like a chocolate liqeur… there was a distinctly alcoholic taste to it! It was very strange, but interesting and funny, to say the least.

State Fair… always fun, even better when it’s free!

The boys getting onto the slide

Note their deliberate color coordination?

It was my goal upon arriving at the fair to eat one of these chocolate covered scorpions!

Mealworms or crickets are options as well… but they didn’t strike me to be as exciting as the scorpion. 🙂



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