Kitt Peak (11.20.10)

On Saturday, a few weekends back, Michael, Sean and I took a trip to Kitt Peak, an observatory a few miles outside of Tucson, to take a tour of their solar telescope. The Kitt Peak National Observatory contains a total of 26 different telescopes, which makes it the observatory with the most telescopes in the world. We took a guided tour of the solar telescope which, would you believe it, observes the sun. The tour was extremely interesting, and the telescope itself was especially fascinating; the design of the building is very unique. I really enjoyed being able to see a physical example of one of the types of telescopes that we talk about in my classes.

After the tour we walked back to the car, and on the way we spotted a tarantula! We drove back into Tuscon and had a superb lunch at a wine bar called Wilko and then we headed back to Phoenix as I had to work that night.

Now for some pictures, all of which were taken on Michael’s phone, because I forgot to bring my camera with me!

Sean and I. 🙂


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