The Journey to Shangha, China (8.16.11 – 8.18.11)

(Apologies for slacking on updates. I’m fairly new to the world of Apple products, and while I am 100% in love with my Airbook, I am trying to learn my way around iPhoto. I can’t figure out how to reduce image sizes, so I just downloaded a program to do just that! Now I can get you all the pictures!)


The flight from Phoenix to L.A. was easy and uneventful. Once there, I had to change terminals and pass security once again for my flight to Vancouver. Vancouver you ask? I scored an awesome deal on a roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, via Vancouver. My time in the airport passed quickly (God bless the internet), as did my flight to Canada. The flight was late getting in, so it was about 10PM. I talked to my fella for a while before curling up on a bench in the check-in area. When I woke up I discovered that my 11:15AM flight had been delayed by over 4 hours, which was a little annoying, but it meant that I was able to go into the city!

I took the train to downtown Vancouver and walked around for a few hours. The downtown area is fantastic. I’m really big on just wandering through a city to get a feel for a place. You get a great idea of what the energy of a place is like. Maybe it’s just me? Anyhow, that’s what I did, and I loved it. Vancouver, to me, feels like New York mixed with San Francisco, but magically transported to Europe. I had no goal for the few hours I had to spend before returning to the airport, other than to have poutine, which I read about in my quick investigation of what to do/see/eat/etc. in Vancouver. Poutine consists of fries and cheese curds, covered in gravy. It was every bit as amazing as I anticipated it would be.

After three hours of meandering, I headed back to the Vancouver airport to check in for my flight and all the rest. The flight was even later than it had been rescheduled for, and we didn’t take off until about 5PM. The flight was as uneventful as one could hope it to be. I watched too many movies and slept too little on the journey, but it’s always difficult to rest well on a plane. We landed around 9PM on Thursday, Shanghai time. After 40 hours of travel, start to finish, I had arrived!


11 responses to “The Journey to Shangha, China (8.16.11 – 8.18.11)

  1. Sounds like a hell of a journey but hope you have an amazing time! xx

  2. Does this mean we can FaceTime?

    • I can see why! After getting to explore for a few hours, I know it’s definitely somewhere that I’d like to get to know much better.
      What’s your favorite thing to see/do in Vancouver?

  3. you can reduce image sizes by selecting your image and going to file, export. it will give you the option of saving it as small, med, large, or full. I usually do med for internet stuff.

  4. Oh Michael Plunkett, you are full of useful information. I’ve had my mac forevvvver and had no idea how to do that.
    Liz Miller! I’m so glad you are safe and sound and that you are up to posting pictures! I love to see what you are up to. Also, make sure you get a couple pictures with you in them… they are my favorite!

    • I am safe and sound! China is crazy, but I’m managing with threads of my sanity in fact.
      Yes, yes, there will be more pictures soon. I keep intending to update about Shanghai. Tonight, I think… though I’ve told myself that for the last 4 nights. Eep!
      There are one or two pictures with me in them… but why is it that everyone is so useless at operating a camera!? I will never ever understand what is so difficult about framing a shot well. Ooph. First world problems.

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