Thoughts on China

So, if you weren’t aware, China’s pretty big (You’re aware… I know). It’s huge, in fact. Population? 22 million people (my source is the China Daily, so I think that’s pretty reputable) live in Beijing. The greater Beijing area is the size of BELGIUM.

So, with so many people living in a city, even when you throw some travelers in there, the ratio is not exactly in my favor. Which is to say that I’m sometimes a bit of a spectacle. I stand out. People of all ages stare on the Metro and buses. Yesterday, a small girl came and sat next to me, eating an ice-cream. Her parents took a picture, she ran off to have a look, then came and sat on my other side and they took another. She had a huge grin on her face. I pretended not to be painfully aware of what was going on. I smile a lot at these things because, really, it’s kind of cute.

Today, I was at the Forbidden City, and a woman shrieked something at me. I turned around and she shook her camera at me. For a moment, I thought that she wanted to me to take a picture for her. But no, what she wanted was to get a picture OF me, with three of her friends. I’m a bit of a sight, I suppose, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

And so, I smile, and I play along, and laugh to myself… and then post about it on the internet. 🙂


5 responses to “Thoughts on China

  1. It’s not that you’re foreign, it’s that you’re a hottie.

  2. My cousin lived in Shanghai for a time. When she took her 2 year old blonde daughter out, she was usually mobbed. People were fascinated by this little girl.

    • I’m sure! I can’t imagine being here and being a blonde! That can be spotted from such a distance. I think the fact that I’ve got a dark bob is part of why I don’t get more attention than I already do.

  3. Everybody always takes notice of something out of place. I’m glad you’re taking it in stride. When my dad was in China in the 80s an old man thrust his child’s head into my dad’s window when the bus was stopped just so the kid could get a close look at his first pair of blue eyes.

    • Wow!!! That’s so funny. What a memory to have! I haven’t experienced anything quite like that.
      The other day when I was at Leshan, a man rounded the corner with his camera in his outstretched arms, ready to take a picture like I was a wild animal! It was pretty funny. 🙂

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