Big Person Adult Type Jobs

The plan is that I am going to get one of these grown-up type jobs when I get home.

I’m starting to look at websites with example interview questions, tips and strategies, what to be prepared for, etc. I’m trying to get mentally prepared. And I got curious, I wonder if there are physical attributes that are more likely to get you hired? I did some searching and couldn’t come up with anything. Dear psychologists, get on this! I think it would be interesting.

If you’re a redhead, does this imply to the interviewer that you will be fiery and determined, thus a good fit for a certain type of job? If you stand taller than the person conducting the interview, what effect would this have? Would they be more or less inclined to hire you? What would the differences be between getting interviewed by a man or woman? If offered a job, how would factors like this affect the salary you’re offered?

I understand that ultimately, it is the quality of the applicant and the interview, but it would be silly to assert that things like this have no effect on the ultimate outcome. I would be very interested to find out exactly what sort of effect it is! Though I suppose that if a study of the sort were to be conducted, you’d end up with a lot of applicants trying desperately to exhibit a certain set of physical attributes.

So, dear friends, what do you think? Do you think that when applying for a job, being a blonde versus brunette versus redhead would have an effect? If yes, what?

Sidenote: Whenever I think about getting a Job (yeah, job with a capital J), I cannot help but think of Arrested Development

George Michael: I have Pop Pop in the attic
Michael: Well, the fact that you call it that tells me you’re not ready.

Liz: I need to get a real big person job.
Response: Well, the fact that you call it that tells me you’re not ready.

But it’s high time, and I am ready to be in a professional setting. Dear January, bring good things please.

8 responses to “Big Person Adult Type Jobs

  1. Plenty of research has been done on this actually. Maybe not exactly to the extent that you’re talking about, but as far as physical attractiveness is concerned, you’re golden. If you look better, people assume you’re smarter and they don’t require you to have such an impressive resume. When you come back home, we’ll conduct our own study! 🙂 I love you and miss you!


    • If you know of any published information, want to send it my way? My main interest is not in the effect of someone being attractive… I feel it’s pretty obvious that someone is going to favor a better looking applicant. That is the unfortunate and unfair way of the world.
      I’m most interested in people’s subconscious impressions based on traits that can be easily altered, so I suppose I’m most interested in what sort of effect the mere act of changing your hair color could have.

    • And glasses.
      Let’s say PersonX is very intelligent.
      If they go into an interview wearing contacts, versus glasses, would the person find you smarter without the glasses because their expectations would be lowered?
      I hope this makes sense.
      People assume that you’re bright if you wear glasses (to a degree). So, PersonX would meet their expectations. If they wore contacts, would they be perceived as more intelligent because there is no/lessened expectation of intelligence?

  2. Here is what I have learned in my career ala hair and makeup. Blondes are definitely seen as more fun, flighty, spunky. Brunettes serious, buttoned up, responsible… aaaand red heads are the best. duh. WINKY FACE! Seriously, you’ll do amazingly at whatever you do because that’s how you roll. You are awesome and eloquent and the smartiest smart that ever smarted. Plus you are hot. Like woah.

    • Like woah. What a high school flashback!
      I figured redhead might be the best way to go. It comes without the expectation of being serious, smart and responsible. Less so than a brunette, anyway.

  3. Also, let’s just throw all 3 colors in your hair and you’ll have all your bases covered!

  4. there’s an age old saying in the business world…”I’ll hire you if you give me a raise”.

    Liz, you got the job.

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