An update about updates

Appy polly loggies, oh my brothers and sisters (I’ve just read A Clockwork Orange, and its jargon has rubbed off).

I have been terrible about updating! I do plan to remedy this shortly, but I’ll explain why. In Europe I could and would write on the trains. But here, I am so very wary of doing so. I avoid pulling out my computer because I don’t want to advertise what expensive gadgets I’m traveling with, lest someone eye it with desire and pluck it away. So, though I’ve had long journeys which would be perfect for tapping and typing away, I have been unable to use them accordingly. Vietnam is not as safe as China, and Cambodia (where I’m off to in a few days time) is even more dangerous. I’ve met travelers in the past few days who have been pickpocketed, and had their bags snatched right off of them. One thing to be especially careful of in Vietnam is people cutting your bags right off of your person. They walk up to you, slice the straps, and are gone before you know what’s happened. This scares me senseless, so I’m being especially careful and vigilant all the time, which accounts for my lack of updates.

I still love you all though. Tons and tons.


2 responses to “An update about updates

  1. Stay safe please! xx

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