Hong Kong (9.10.11 – 9.15.11)

Goodness, goodness. I’ve been putting this off for far too long. It’s more difficult to write when traveling with other people, which I’ve been doing for the last five weeks now. Anyway, enough excuses. Michael reminded me today that I’ve been terrible about putting up words and pictures. He’s right, so it’s high time that I got to it. I’m going to aim for an update a day, until I’m all caught up. Without further ado, here’s Hong Kong.


I got the ferry to Hong Kong and arrived at the port. The port seemed to also be a mall, filled with shops and restaurants. I decided that I was hungry, and spotted a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. Little plates filled with sushi pass through the restaurant, and you pick what you’d like. At the end of the meal, they charge you according to the number of plates you have in front of you. I’ve been to one of these in Arizona, and they’re such fun! It was an excellent meal. I left the port and found that it was quite easy to navigate. Everything was so clear and practical; it was a refreshing change from China’s chaos. I made my way to my hostel, and proceeded to fall asleep.

On Sunday, I felt really unwell (no, Mum, it had nothing to do with the sushi). I’d developed a really bad cough, and all of my muscles seemed to ache. I ended up staying in and sleeping all day, save when I left to get something to eat for dinner. I sat next to some lovely Philippino women. We talked about traveling, and America, and fashion. They were so sweet, and paid me such a sweet compliment:

Phillipino Woman: “You’re very pretty.”

Liz Adventure: “What?” (I hadn’t heard her)

PW: “I like your beauty.” (Oh, what lovely phrasing!)

LA: “Oh, thank you so much!”

PW: “It’s a very simple beauty.” (I don’t know how this reads, but I thought it was the best compliment ever)

PW: “There are many beautiful women in America.”

LA: “That’s true. There are a lot of beautiful people there.”
PW: “Yes, you are one of them!”


Oh gosh, it warmed my heart, and made me feel so good, especially considering that I was unwell and had done nothing than lie in bed all day. Dinner was lovely, and afterwards I explored busy, claustrophobic market streets. Feeling exhausted, I didn’t stay out for long, and walked back home to sleep, sleep, sleep.

On Monday, I still felt poorly, so I continued to rest. It was the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is very important in Chinese culture, so I went out and admired the display of lantersn in a nearby park. The lanterns are often very ornate, and of all shapes and sizes. In the park were scenes of people, and animals, as well as the more traditional style of lantern that is probably what comes to mind if you were to picture a Chinese lantern. Went and had sushi for dinner again, and that was the extent of Monday’s adventures.

Tuesday was yet another lazy day, as I still was not feeling too well, but I made it out far earlier than I had on the previous days. I went to see Kowloon, which is an area in the New Territories, the part of Hong Kong that is attached to mainland China. Kowloon is very affluent, and it was definitely a bit overwhelming to pass one high end shop after another… Hermes…. Chanel… Dior… so many names I can’t even remember. It was nice to explore, and I made my way to the bay, for an exquisite view of Hong Kong Island. Then it was off home for more sleep.

On Wednesday I stayed in again during the day, though I was feeling better than I had been in days, I still needed to rest. I returned to Kowloon that night to explore the seemingly endless stretch of the night market, which was full of all sorts of odds and ends, with fake bags being the most commonly touted ware. After getting my fill of the market, but buying nothing, I headed to the train station to try and buy a ticket to Guangzhou for the next day. Although I had spent several days in Hong Kong and unfortunately, seen very little, I needed to move on.

On Thursday, I had an easy morning. I had enough time before my train to take it easy, but not enough time to really get to see anything. I got lunch from the local supermarket, and found a local post office so I could mail some things. After that, I headed to the train station to get my train to Guangzhou!

Some lanterns from the Mid-Autumn Festival

A giant fish lantern sculpture made of tiny lanterns, made for the Mid-Autumn Festival

The view of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon, in the New Territories

One of the streets in Kowloon, rife with exorbitantly priced shops

A typical Hong Kong street view


Gosh, as you can see from the small number of pictures, I really didn’t do much in Hong Kong! It’s a shame, but I was sick so it can’t really be helped. Onwards!! 🙂



2 responses to “Hong Kong (9.10.11 – 9.15.11)

  1. You’re feeling better now, right? I can’t believe all those high end shops could exist on the same street

    • I am feeling much better now, thank you love! Oh my gosh… the shops were insane. And I only named a few, but it was one after the other. I dread to think of mow much money in inventory that street was worth!!
      Miss you!! ❤

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