Hue, Vietnam (10.3.11 – 10.4.11)

The train arrived in Hue early, early on Monday morning. We walked from the station to the only backpacker’s hostel in town, then showered and ate breakfast. I internetted for a while and Tamara left to explore. I later left to explore as well. I ended up having a bike drive me around the citadel. The citadel contains the Imperial City, which was the imperial enclosure to the Purple Palace. Emperor Gia Long ruled here, and he was said to be a terrible ruler. The citadel was beautiful, as was the Palace. After exploring the Palace for a while, I headed to the market and then back to the hostel.
That night we went out for some drinks with an English girl named Ros, who she’d met that day. We also were joined by a guy named Craig, who we’d met in Hanoi!
On Tuesday, Tamara and headed further south and were joined by Ros; our party was growing! While it would have been nice to see more of Vietnam’s coast, a second typhoon was coming through, and was headed for exactly where we were. Foiled by both hurricanes, first in Ha Long Bay, and again now, we decided it would be best if we just headed all the way down to Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, as the Vietnamese call it, to avoid any further trouble.

The citadel walls

Ornamentation on a temple in the citadel

Pretending to be a bike driver!

The Purple Palace… doesn’t look very purple though


2 responses to “Hue, Vietnam (10.3.11 – 10.4.11)

  1. Can bike driver Liz please take me down the aisle so I don’t even have to walk? Thanks. ❤

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