Phu Quoc, Vietnam (10.9.11 – 10.14.11)

Phu Quoc was heavenly and I easily could have stayed, umm… forever? Only if Michael was with me though. We got the ferry on Monday, took the bus into town and found somewhere to stay. We chose a place called Luna Resort, where we got a bungalow, less than one minute’s walk from the beach (no exaggeration), for a paltry $10 a night. That sounds pretty faultless, if you ask me. We went for lunch, and then back to the bungalow. I read for a while and then napped for a few hours while Ros spent time on the beach. By the time I woke up, it was time for dinner, so we went to one of the many European restaurants that lined the main street and had pizza and drinks.
On Tuesday, after breakfast we had massages on the beach. A group of masseuses work on the beach right next to our resort, giving hour long massages for a mere 50,000 Dong. That equates to $2,50. Have I mentioned that I’ve found heaven? We then decided to rent motorcycles (which seems to never be a good idea). The plan was that we would rent motorcycles, ride to the beach, then rent a kayak and go kayaking for a while. Ros had never ridden before, so she decided to ride on the back of mine. I’m not used to riding, let alone with a passenger, so the journey was interesting to say the least. We didn’t realize how for we had to go, or how terrible the roads were. Once it got to about 4PM, and we still hadn’t made it to the beach, I got totally fed up and decided that I didn’t want to ride anymore. We had to hire a couple of guys to take us home!! It was an enormous debacle that, at the end of the day was really quite amusing. That night we had a nice dinner, a few beers, and played pool at another local restaurant.
On Wednesday we joined a snorkeling tour. We got a boat that took us to one fishing spot, and three snorkeling spots. The crew bought our lunch from a local fish farm. We had the option of paying extra for sea urchin, which I did gladly. Their preparation was delicious; they roasted the sea urchin in the shell, then added a lime vinaigrette, peanuts and chives. We sunbathed on the deck before the boat took us back to port. The van picked us up and took us to the island’s South beach, which is known for its silicon white sand; this beach was pristine. We got back to Luna just before sunset. To our delight, the masseuses were still there, and asked if we want massages. It didn’t take much persuading to get to get us to agree to sunset massages. It was Ros’s last night, and we had another superb dinner at a Tapas restaurant. We had a lamb dish with a goat cheese sauce, and I could have cried, it was so good. It made me realize how much I miss goat cheese; is that pathetic? Wednesday was a thoroughly sublime day.
On Thursday, Ros headed back to Saigon, but I decided to stay one more day. And you know what I did? Nothing special. It was wonderful. I read, and sat on the beach, and had a massage, and ate good food.
On Friday, I had arranged my journey into Cambodia with the local tourist agent, and to my delight, everything was sorted. I was picked up from the resort in the morning, taken to the port, picked up at the port on the mainland, and driven to the border. Everything about Phu Quoc was divine, and I was definitely reluctant to leave.

A billboard at the port that we saw before we boarded our ferry. It was too good/bad not to get a picture of.

Breakfast coffee. Holy moly, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet. The coffee in Vietnam is AWESOME. Instead of regular milk, they prepare it with sweetened condensed milk; it is delicious.

One of our snorkeling spots on our day trip.

Sea urchin!


After. Nom, nom, nom.

The fishing boats in the port were all beautifully colored

The beautiful white sand South beach. It started to get dark and drizzle a little bit, but it was still heavenly.

My beach. Seriously. Less than a minute from my door.

The masseuses aka angels that work on the beach

My bungalow!

The view from my porch

🙂 Yeah, I wouldn’t mind going back


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