Bangkok, Thailand (10.24.11 – 10.28.11)

The journey to Bangkok took longer than had been promised (surprise, surprise!), and we didn’t arrive in the city until about 6PM. We were right next to Khaosan Road, which is the most touristy street in Bangkok. I ended up sharing a room with a girl who I’d been on the bus with, because it was cheaper that way. We got cheap pad thai that night, and had a few drinks as well.

On Tuesday, my friend left, and I decided that my task for the day was to get to the post office to mail a package back home. I’d bought a fair few things at the market in Siem Reap that were too big (and too heavy) for my backpack. That was basically the extent of my day. The next few days were all rather lazy, as I was still getting better from whatever had me feeling under the weather in Siem Reap. My plan was to travel to Chiang Mai on Wednesday, but I was informed that due to the flooding, the trains weren’t running north, and neither were the buses, so if I wanted to get to Chiang Mai, my only option was to fly. So, despite it costing more than I wanted to spend, I booked a flight… and the flights disappeared in the minutes it took me to book. The cheapest option became more expensive every minute that passed… it was horrifying.

Pathetic as it was, I did not much at all for the next few days until I flew to Chiang Mai on Friday. I did have some very delicious pad thai from local street vendors though. So there’s that. 🙂

My only picture for you from my time in Bangkok. The pad thai cart! Yum.


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