Koh Phangan, Thailand (11.9.11 – 11.14.11)

Having slept overnight in the Bangkok airport, I flew south to Surat Thani, then got a bus and a ferry over to Koh Phangan, an island in the Gulf of Thailand, renowned for its insane Full Moon Parties. So guess what I was there to attend? I sorted out a place to stay, which was a resort right on the beach. I explored the beach for a while, and ended up passing out super early and sleeping the rest of the night as I hadn’t sleep for long in the airport.

Thursday was the day of the Full Moon Party! I took it easy during the day, relaxing and enjoying the beach. I got talking with a couple girls who were staying in a bungalow a couple down from mine, and they invited me to join them that night. At about 9PM, I joined the girls, Nikki and Katleen, at the resort bar and we had a few drinks. They were with Roland and Koen, two friends of theirs; all four of them were diving instructors, so it was fun to get to talk to them about diving in Thailand. We booked a 10PM taxi to the beach which ended up being over half an hour late. Once at the Haad Rin beach, we sorted ourselves out with buckets, the preferred container for alcohol consumption when at a Full Moon Party, and then sought some Day-Glo paint, and decorated ourselves with colorful patterns and drawings. With our drinks and paint sorted, we hit the beach. The rest of the night was an absolute blast, and honestly, the pictures will do better justice to it than if I attempt to describe it. I lost the group at some point in the night, but continued to have a fantastic time on the beach, making friends with good humans. I made it back to my resort at about 5AM. That in itself is proof enough of a good time.

Friday was not as rough as it could have been, but I got to a point where I desperately needed to eat something, and the resort kitchen wasn’t open yet! That should be criminal the morning after one of these parties.

The rest of my time on Koh Phangan was spent leisurely enjoying the beach and bumming around the resort, and it was awesome.

On Sunday, I had a revelation of sorts, I suppose. On Facebook, I saw a friend’s pictures from a journey she had recently embarked on, and I found that I was incredibly inspired. After thinking about it for a moment, I realized that her pictures inspired me to keep doing exactly what I was doing… to keep traveling, to keep exploring, to keep taking risks, and to keep following my crazy impulses. And then came the revelation. I thought to myself “I’m doing everything right.” I just had a fantastic moment, in which I knew very definitively that, you know, this life thing? I’m doing it right. I’ve never felt anything quite like it before, and it was blissful.

On Monday, I headed back to Bangkok, and very nearly missed my flight because I cut things close. However, I didn’t miss my flight, and made it back to Bangkok just fine. 🙂

Now for some pictures. You ready for this??

This is one of Nikki’s pictures. This is the official “before” shot.

Another “before” shot as we’re waiting for the taxi. L to R: Katleen, Koen, Roland and me

Paint time

Beach crowds

Me and Roland

My bucket 🙂

Katleen and Nikki

The boys, Roland and Koen

Katleen, Nikki and me

Nikki, me and Katleen

Nikki, me, and Katleen

Roland, Koen and me

Nikki, Katleen, Roland and Koen

Nikki, Katleen and me (this is one of Nikki’s photos)

Nikki and me  (this is one of Nikki’s photos)

I kind of love this photo. (this is one of Nikki’s)

Another of Nikki’s. Can you tell we had an awesome night?


2 responses to “Koh Phangan, Thailand (11.9.11 – 11.14.11)

  1. Everyone in Thailand seems very pale.

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