Krabi, Thailand (11.26.11 – 11.29.11)

On Saturday, I arrived in Krabi, and got a tuk-tuk to my hostel. I had paid for a bed in a two-bed dorm room, and lucky me, I was all alone! I wandered around the city for a while, which was really nothing special, but the river scenery is quite lovely. Krabi Town, where I was staying, has a weekend night market that started up around 5PM, which was superb. It was one of the best markets I’ve seen so far! There were plentiful food vendors, so I was able to try some delicious Thai snacks for cheap.

On Sunday, I was sick with the same thing that keeps plaguing me periodically. I experience intense lower back and kidney pain, and it totally debilitates me for the day. Pathetic as it was, I slept intermittently until about 6PM, and then I went to the market to get some food. It was a thoroughly unremarkable day.

On Monday, I needed to go to the immigration center to get a visa extension, which proved to be a hassle. The office had moved about six months ago from somewhere that was conveniently located, to somewhere inconveniently located outside of the city center. It took a while to get that sorted, but it was a necessary task. I then headed to the pier in town to get a long boat to Railay Beach, a gorgeous beach in Krabi, accessible only by boat. Because getting to the immigration office had eaten up a good portion of the day, I spent less time at Railay Beach than I’d have liked, but it was enough to get to see Rai Leh East Beach, Rai Leh West Beach, and Hat Tham Phra Nang, which was one of the most stunning beaches I’ve seen yet. Before I knew it, it was time to head back to Krabi Town. I slept off a headache, then had some dinner, talked to my fella, and called it a night.

On Tuesday, I got the bus to Surat Thani, for what will remain secret for a little bit.

My time in Krabi was perhaps not the most riveting, but aside from the day I spent sick and sleeping, I enjoyed what I saw. I’d definitely love to spend more time in Railay Beach. Next time!

The Krabi Town weekend night market

Rai Leh West

Rai Leh East

Monkeys, over by Tham Phra Nang

Tham Phra Nang is, in my opinion, definitely the best beach in Railay

Tham Phra Nang

Rai Leh East. The tide was out when it was time to leave, so we had to wade through low water to get to our boat. I was paranoid that I would fall!

Gosh, Railay is beautiful. I wish I had more time to spend there!


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  1. Disappointed there were no jokes about Crabs in this post.

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