Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12.12.11 – 12.16.11)

I was in Kuala Lumpur for four days, and despite my intentions on arriving in the city, I didn’t see much at all. Having left the meditation retreat, my mind was buzzing with the thoughts of one thing: home. Basically from this point, my mind was already home. I began searching the internet for somewhere to live upon my return, and planning for finding a job. For days one and two, I was online far too much. Being tucked away from the internet for about two weeks meant that there was a fair bit to catch up on, and I began to work seriously on my resume, and started reaching out to people about serving as recommendations for me. I ventured out for small amounts of time in search of food. On days three and four, when I planned on going out, it was pouring. I haven’t seen rain so torrential and unrelenting since I lived in England. I hate when it’s like that, and each time it would happen, I would end up very involved with something else I was doing while I waited for the rain to cease. By the time I was all done, it was often rather late in the day. I wandered around China Town for a few hours one day, but didn’t take any pictures because it was drizzling.

It’s ok though. I feel like the way I spent my time in KL was the way I needed to spend it. I was so focused on the things I needed to prepare for my return home, that if I hadn’t devoted significant time to them, I would have driven myself crazy.

So, Malaysia, we’ll just have to meet again one day.

On day five, which was Friday, I had to get up at 4AM in order to catch a bus to the airport in order to catch my 8AM flight back to Shanghai. My four month journey was nearing its end.


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