Los Angeles, CA, USA (12.19.11 – 12.22.11)

On Monday, After a long day of flying, I landed in Los Angeles. Luckily, I was able to catch an earlier flight from Vancouver to L.A. so I got in three hours earlier than I’d anticipated! Michael was there to pick me up. After I exited security, I took an escalator towards the baggage claim area, and there he was at the bottom of the escalator. I had wondered whether I’d cry when I saw him, but I was just so excited! I squealed and ran down the escalator steps, into his arms. Getting to hug him and kiss him after being apart for so long seemed like a dream.

We stayed in L.A. for three nights, at a hotel in Korea town. We spent our time eating delicious food and checking out vintage shops. He and I both scored some fun vintage finds! He ended up with a vintage bow-tie, and two skinny ties. I came away with two vintage dresses, and three brooches, as well as a beautiful pair of new Doc Martens.

On Tuesday, we went to the Santa Monica beach and pier. We caught a beautiful sunset, then had dinner and shopped on the Santa Monica Promenade.

My friend Jen came to meet us on Wednesday; we had lunch and did a bit of shopping together, and generally had an excellent time.

On Thursday, we headed back home! We tried to visit the Shepherd Fairey gallery space before we left town, but they didn’t open until 2PM, and we arrived around noon. Unknown to me, we had to head back in time for my surprise party! Unfortunately, one of our hosts fell sick and Michael had to ruin the surprise so that I could help him brainstorm about where to move the festivities.

Our time in L.A. was absolutely wonderful, and I could not imagine a more perfect way to come home than to get to spend a few days with my love.



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