Life, etc.

Hello loved ones,

Sincerest apologies for my unintended hiatus. Life has been moving along, as it has a way of doing, and despite my best intentions of keeping my little corner of the internet updated with words to delight you (that is the aim… I do hope it has its intended effect) have fallen flat. I do hope to change this.

So, since I have last posted anything about my life, some exciting things have happened!

I returned from Asia, and moved into a house in Tempe, thanks to a listing I found on Craigslist. I live less than half a mile from my boyfriend, Michael. We survived our separation, and our relationship is stronger for it. He is a wonderful man and I am very blessed to have such a strong, compassionate individual as my significant other. We are well, and our relationship is flourishing.

I found a job, as was finally the goal, after a couple years of enjoying a less structured life. I now work for US Airways as an International Pricing Analyst. I have been working there for a little over a month now, and I enjoy my job tremendously. Although I have finished my training, and now have daily responsibilities, I am learning new things everyday. I see great leaps in my understanding within the course of a week, which is a wonderful feeling. I like my coworkers very much and am very pleased with where I find myself.

I must be honest; the first few weeks were especially strange because the circumstances I found myself in were so unlike any I’d been in before. I sat at my desk in my cube, looking at my computer, and my phone, and then my outfit, and could not help but feel like an imposter; this feeling has since subsided… for the most part.

Lucky for me, working for an airline has some serious perks… of the flight variety. That being the case, I will be traveling a great deal on the weekends. I have some trips planned in the near future, so expect updates about those!

I think that’s the extent of the news I have to report. I hope you are all well. xx



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